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Quality. Durability. Speed.


Full carbon fiber body gives essential advantages:

The frame of Nimbus has so called “monocoque” design. It is basically one shell-type detail made out of carbon fiber material with a special technology.


Extreme strength and durability of the frame. Internal electronic components are well-protected from collisions and crashes.


Protection from rain and snow. Now you can fly in any weather.


Varying thickness of the carbon fiber over the body to optimize strength-to-weight ratio.


Most efficient streamlined shape for omni-directional flight. Minimum air resistance, best speed and maneuverability.


The combination of extensive flying experience and knowledge of electronics design has allowed us to create a perfect setup for NIMBUS.


  • 195 mm frame size quad copter
  • 5″ props 
  • Full body carbon fiber monocoque frame
  • Newest F4 flight controller
  • Powerful 2206 2300 kV motors 
  • 4in1 ESC, 30 A
  • 30/45/55 deg adjustable FPV camera HS 1177/1190/1195
  • On-screen display (OSD) configured via Betaflight
  • Titanium fasteners for lowest weight and durability
  • HD video link ready (not included currently)
  • Weight 320-350 g (w/o battery)
  • Available as “frame only”, BNF and RTF versions
  • Suitable for 4S LiPo graphene battery 1300-1500 mAh

NIMBUS racing drone

NIMBUS will help drone racing to become a mainstream sport


Carbon fiber is well-known material, but monocoque design, instead of flat frames, is a significant development step in racing drones design.


New kind of form. Black, shiny and smooth carbon fiber surface.


Fast.. FAST? VERY FAST! Up to 200 km/h


You will survive practically any collisions or crashes at the race.

Nimbus is still flying and still fighting!

You will win the race and will become a Champion!


Save money!

Less repairs, less number spare drones to have.

Save time!

Less downtime due to repairs or await of components delivery. No limitations for flight season.


Eye-catching quad copter. Fast, smooth flying. First class racing drone.


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Production Timeline

We ensure quality & support.

1st Generation Prototype

Creating the first prototype of Nimbus, the working name – kolobok 220.

Jan. 2015
Jul. 2016
Flight tests

From February to July 2016 about 20 frames were made, the model got a number of  improvements, and many, many tests ..


1                                                   Start of Nimbus 195 development .    

Aug. 2016
1 Dec. 2016

Starting the campaign on Indiegogo.

Our Team
Alexey Orlov

Alexey Orlov

co-founder, engineer, pilot

Oleg Odinokikh

Oleg Odinokikh

co-founder, sales & marketing, communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you have many questions and we have prepared answers to some of them.

What packs will be available?

  • Basic pack, only frame for DIY.
  • BNF pack — Bind-and-Fly: Fully assembled Nimbus main body.  You will need RC transmitter and FPV goggles in addition.
  • Coming soon: RTF pack — Ready-To-Fly: Its a BNF pack + remote radio control + FPV goggles.
  • Please note, the batteries are not included in any of the versions due to safety limitations in the international transportation

Can I land in water? how it is sealed? Is it water-resistant?

The ingress protection rating is IP 54, meaning it is enclosed, not to let small particles or water splashes inside the body. It means you can land in dirt, dust, snow, not deep puddles. You cannot land on the water surface, or have full dive in water, it is not watertight.

Landing in the wet dirt or snow with Nimbus is not a problem. Wipe the smooth, shiny Nimbus body with a napkin and continue to fly.

What is flight time on one battery?

Typical batteries for racing drone of 180-210 frame size has capacity of 1000-1300 — 1500 mAh. The flight time depens on your flying style, how slow or aggressive you are flying. It can vary from 2-3 minutes up to 5-7 minutes.

What is the maximum distance I can fly?

The maximum distance will depend on the power of the video transmitter (Vtx) you use. Usually at drone races the power of the Vtx is 25 mWt, for this power, at the vdeo signal frequency of 5.8 GHz, the flight distance is about 200 meters, which is more than enough when you are flying on the race track. For higher Vtx powers, 200 or 600 mWt the distances are about 500 — 800 meters. The video signal quality also depends on your antennas configuration and obstacles (walls, trees, etc.) The radio control usually has longer distances than video signal.

Is the camera capable of HD video transmission and recording?

The camera installed шт our BNF  pack is a typical model used in drone racing – HS 1190. It is analog, 600 TVL, 2.1 mm lens, IR blocked camera, with minimum possible delay. Delay of FPV camera is critical in drone racing, due to the need of quick respond from pilot to the drone.

Please note, that Nimbus drone internal compartment is capable for installation of next generation digital FPV systems, like Connex ProSight, or similar HD video link with low delay.

For nice HD video recording in the flight, the separate HD camera (like GoPro session, or GoPro Hero 4, or similar) need to be installed. Nimbus drone includes a special metal bracket for HD camera installation.

Is NIMBUS drone capable of stable flying mode, can it hang in the air?

There are standard flight modes available, stabilized are: Horizon and Angle, free flying modes with a bit different tunings are: Acro and Airmode. Of course you can start flying in stabilized modes, but the drone racing pleasure is free flying in Acro/Airmode, where you fully control the drone, you can do whatever is possible in the air, all types of aerobatics.

How it is possible to fly during rainy and snowy weather?

Air flow from the propellers cleans up the FPV camera lens to certain extent. In addition, RTF versions of Nimbus intends to have water-repellent coating for the FPV camera lens.

Does the NIMBUS have GPS, Return to Home, Follow me functions?

No, those functions are for aerial photography drones. There is no sence to have those functions in racing drone.

What types of batteries are suitable for Nimbus?

Most of the popular 4S battery models for drone racing: Tattuu 1300/1550 75C, Turnigy Graphene 1300 65C, Dinogy Graphene 1300 75C, and many others. The size (length) of the battery shall not exceed 80 mm.

What is the thickness of carbon in Nimbus frame?

The NIMBUS frame is made of carbon fiber with a special technology, so called “bladder molding”. In the end of the production process we are getting seamless hollow continious carbon fiber shell. The thickness of the shell walls is varying, depending on the stress level and stress distribution in that area. The stress level is considered during collisions with hard obstacles. In most stressed regions the thickness of the carbon is higher, in less stressed – lower, it varyies from 1 to 4 mm.

I would like to buy only the Nimbus frame, but I have doubts if I will be able to assemble it with all necessary electronic components. Will you provide an instruction or manual how to assemble the Nimbus drone?

Yes, during production period of the campaign we will provide the detailed assembly video and text instruction. List of recommended components will be also available.

What does RTF, DIY, BNF and FPV means?

FPV stands for First Person View.

RTF – Ready To Fly

BNF – Bind And Fly

DIY – Do It Yourself