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ToporiX frame


  • 200 mm frame size quad copter.
  • Frame weight – 88 g.
  • 6pcs arms included.
  • Average flight weight w/o battery <290 g.
  • Universal aluminum CNC baseplate and interchangeable hood
  • Interchangeable arms, unidirectional molded carbon fiber rod
  • Adjustable angle FPV camera, from 30 up to 70 degrees.
  • Battery velcro strap, 25 mm width.

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ToporiX frame opens the new line of Aerodyne’s racing/freestyle frame designs. ToporiX was designed with simplicity and robustness in mind, giving the user maximum comfort, confidence and flexibility.
The name is given based on “Topor”, which means “axe” in  Russian and many other Slavic languages. ToporiX has strong and simple arms like an axe helve, and one single baseplate like an axe blade.  So ToporiX is simple, robust and reliable like an axe.

New principles of freestyle/racing quadcopter frame design in ToporiX:

  • Super strong central CNC body (baseplate). One single main detail, with interchangeable top hood for different FPV camera arrangement.
  • Brand new arms design – unidirectional molded carbon fiber rod. Unique strength and robustness at the lowest weight
  • FPV camera location (backward) is close to the center of rotation and gives better, more crispy flight feeling/control.
  • Easy but very reliable arms fix – tight grip within the baseplate with only one screw per arm. Tight screw acts as axial fixing stud, against a groove on the arm.
  • The minimum amount of fasteners to lower weight – only 4 screws fixes arms, main baseplate, and the top part.
  • Quickest arms replacement without re-stacking and disassembly.
  • Solid aluminum top hood (capote), protecting flight controller and ESC
  • Easy access to FC/ESC without quad dismantling, just with opening the capote (similar to car motor compartment)
  • Well protected FPV camera (micro cameras only)
  • Quick-change motor mounts, without a single hole in the arm. The same principle of tight grip lock, one of the screws acts as axial fixing stud against a groove on the arm.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 x 9 x 5 cm


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